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OS & E

Operating supplies and equipment (OS&E) comprises of a wide diversity of products from china, glassware, silver and linen to staff uniforms, and from housekeeping, front office and engineering equipment to in-room entertainment systems . Kraft procurement is experienced in the procurement of all these items beginning with the identification of inventories through sourcing from its own manufacturing products and extensive database of suppliers, to budget and quality control and then receipt and positioning on-site. Handover documentation is particularly important for OS&E and the Company prepares detailed data sheets specifications, price and sources to ensure the operator & the owner has a complete template for repeat purchasing and maintenance. Once the hotel has opened as its been noticed that in case of the purchase done by owners and then handed over to operators the cost of the product item wise is not maintained in records and hence any change in the materials by the operator due to any reason results in direct loss in the asset cost mentioned or assigned by the owner. A separate audit company is assigned for the same from our end from initial stage itself , who will prepare the same and hand over to the owner and operator ( as per prior approval from both the parties). This initiative from our company ensures the smooth & professional handover and running of the project in near future.